What do you need to pay attention when making the WPC CO-extrusion decking ?

WPC extrusion machine

Hubei Gaoxin WPC Extrusion Co.,ltd (2017-4-25)

Nowadays,WPC coextrusion decking is more and more popular,but what should we pay attention when making this new coextrusion product ?Today,we will tell you the different process from the regular WPC product.


WPC CO-extruder can use 45 single screw extruder.

The main extruder can use 65/132 conical twin screw extruder.



WPC pellets

Coextrusion layer raw material should be pelletized,not powder.We also sell if you need. For 140X25 hollow decking with 0.6mm coextrusion layer,it will need 10kgs coextrusion pellet ,200 kgs core material to make 60 meters.


WPC coextrusion machine

The coextruder should euip with the hot air dryer.


hot air dryer

Prior to production,in general the WPC CO-extrusion pellet should dry 4-5 hours under the 80℃.If the pellet is too wet,it should take about 6 hours to dry.

The coextruder temperature was decided by the coextrusion pellet,probably about 140℃.If the pellet was made by engineering plastics,the temperature should be around 180-190℃.



WPC co-extrusion tool

The coextrusion mould should equip with 10 moulds temperature control area.Mould coextrusion parts has 6 heater plugs,left part has 4 heater plugs.

Ordinary,the main extruder has 10 temperature control area,4 are for screw,1 for extruder core center,5 for moulds.Since there are only 5 mould temperature control zone,so you need to configure a power cabinet with the other 5 mold temperature control zones. The coextruder has 4 temperature control area,3 are for screw,1 for the part which the coextruder connected with mould.


Whether the 2 co-extruded mould plates are cooled by water or not is adjusted according to the actual situation.


The WPC CO-extrusion speed is slower than the ordinary WPC, and it is about 35-45cm/ minutes.




heater plate

one set of WPC co-extrusion mould has 10 pieces of heater plates.


electrical control cabinet

As usual,for the common 65/132 conical twin screw extruder,there are only 5 moulds temperature control area ,so you need to equip with an electrical control cabinet which have installed 5 moulds temperature area.



the production of WPC co-extrusion profile

The coextrusion layer thickness is around 0.6mm.

The thickness of the coextrusion layer can be adjusted by the coextrusion machine rotational speed.



the production of embossing WPC profile

If you want to make WPC CO-extrusion on-line embossing,you can put the embosser between the dies head and calibrators.

After Coextruded decking coming out from the dies head,it needs to press closely on both sides when going through the calibrators and water tank,after cooling well,then you can start to do the post processing.  Otherwise it is easy to bend.



co-extrusion WPC profile

The cutting blade of the co extruded decking requires special saw blades which need high speed rotation.Otherwise,it is easy to peel.


what WPC co-extrusion layer looks like

Please have some references on this video:https://youtu.be/42NsfMb1954

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